Music - Band / Vocals

Music - Band / Vocal stunts live concert for 500 school children

We rehearse five songs in one day and play a concert at Aktiv for Andre.

You do not always have the same amount of time to prepare for a concert program. In this case, the concert repertoire was determined, rehearsed and performed for about 500 school children at our event Active for Others, where the main purpose of the day is to raise money for our aid project in Uganda while we give these school children a wonderful day here at our school .

After a bit of brainstorming on Wednesday morning, we rehearse a bit individually before we take a couple of hours of rehearsal to diagnose what is needed for each song. Then we practice for each other in the afternoon and evening, before we meet for morning practice at 07 on Thursday. Things are sitting! Then just eat some breakfast, go on words for the day, rig up, have a sound check and showtime! Efficient, fun and very educational.

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