Music - Band / Vocals

Music - Band / Vocal meets spring with creative forces.

Concerts, studio projects, Norwegian tours and recording of music videos abroad.

The new year is already well underway, and we in music are facing a busy and fun half year. As a kick-off to the tour in March, we will make and arrange a house concert here at the school in about 3 weeks. At that house concert, there will be 8 self-produced songs and 2 covers, so new lyrics, melodies and compositions of chords are produced a day. There will also be more in-depth learning about sound and light, from rigging via design to rigging, which will be important to know on the tour and further in life as a musician.

Furthermore, space will be devoted to short projects such as audition technique, performance art, play and manipulation of nature sounds in the studio and music theory assignments. Lots of time will also be devoted to rehearsing post-production of recorded songs. Ie course in how to mix and master sound for a finished product.

After Easter, we will make music videos of recorded self-produced songs we have, and we combine it with a trip abroad with Fotolinja where we can get even more exciting backgrounds to the videos than what Elverum has to offer, even though it is a lot of fun in Elverum of course. And then we end the school year with a visit to the studio with a professional producer, where we bring our best songs and record them.

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