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Interview with Jonathan on the music line

Greetings Jonathan! A rock musician with a fascination for jazz and alternative music. He goes to Musikk Band / vocals. What do they do on the line, what is life like as an FHS student and how does he make music?

Jonathan Choquet is nineteen years old and comes from Tønsberg. In the autumn of 2021, he started at Musikk Band / Vokal. He has previously studied music, dance and drama at Greveskogen high school where he learned from a classical guitar teacher. Now he considers himself a rock musician.

How did your interest in music start?
- I think it started early. I remember my father used to put on Rammstein in the living room when we were going to have dinner and such. Instead of shouting at me when it was dinner, he turned on the music and then I came running down by myself.

My brothers are also very interested in music. They have heard a lot of music and one of my brothers is a DJ. He plays at many music clubs in Oslo. I remember he always listened to Vinyl in his room, all the time. So when I was in his room there was always music on.

What's the first song you remember?
- It must be Du Hast - Rammstein.

What instruments do you play?
- I have played guitar for 6 years. I learned from a classical guitar teacher in high school and learned a lot of technique there. And if you can play guitar, you can also play simple bass .. But now many bassists probably get angry, hehe .. Played drums in corps for several years when I was little, but had forgotten everything. So I really started all over again here. Has been playing drums for an hour every day and has become quite driven. This fall, I signed up for band electives and then I deliberately chose to play drums, since I did not know it so well before. It's nice to learn together and we get quite together after a while.

- I discovered that I had learned the wrong breathing technique when I sang from high school, but after I came here I have become extremely much better and now I feel that I have learned it. On the piano I only know basic chords but it's just like "monkey see - monkey do". But now I am learning the theory behind the piano while playing.

It's easier to learn in this community. You get to know the teachers very well and that makes me want to learn more. This is not just about grades. We get to learn what is important to us, we learn because we want to and because it is fun.

What music do you listen to?
- Actually on all kinds of music. But what I am passionate about is the type of indie jazz and rock, alternative rock and experimental music. And jazz is very fun to play technically. I'm a rock musician who does not like noise. I can get a little annoyed by small sounds like ventilation, but love rock music.

How do you make music?
- I hear a lot of music and melodies when I think, and then I transfer to the best of my ability to the instrument. Then I play everything from minutes to hours until I am happy. Mostly always thinking about music. If there are two bells that do not tick synchronously, I can get a melody in my head based on that.

- Studio and music making is play. I record music, play with lots of effects and sounds, learn how to work in the studio, how to use the equipment and every now and then a lot of cool comes out of it. I learn a lot every time.

How is a typical day in the music department at Elverum Folkehøgskule?
- The day starts first with Words for the day with the whole school. After that, there will be subjects and playing in the music rooms. We have a lot of freedom to learn what we want. We are very lucky because Arild (line teacher of music) has so much knowledge that he can teach us everything we want to learn. And it pushes me so that I learn a lot about things I do not know beforehand both theoretically and practically / technically.

- A lot of time is spent making music, preparing for concerts, learning new songs, preparing for the tour we are going on soon, theory, etc. When the lessons are over, we still have access to the music room and studio. So we can go there and make music as much as we want at any time of the day. Nowadays we spend most of our time preparing for the tour. We will have a concert that lasts 1 hour and 20 minutes, once every day for a week. We will try to perform as much of our own as possible. I will perform 1-4 of my own songs. I'm glad we get a lot of time, space and follow-up. Will be very nice.

How do you get challenged at EFHS?
- I expect to play music, learn new things and become good at it, but I have learned so extremely much else as well. As the introvert I am, I learn to get along with so many different people in the same place as well. That is very positive. Very many social people here who are good at starting activities.

- Here it is completely allowed to be yourself and everyone is so open. You get room to find out who you are. Some of the guys started with nail polish and suddenly everyone was there. Instead of being greeted with "what is it?" then it became more like everyone supports everyone. No one is judging anyone here. I have made so many friends that I have become well acquainted with, trust, hang out with and have become very fond of.

What electives do you have or have had during the year?
Band, guitar, piano, film club, ceramics, video production, knife making and yoga

Read more about the electives and the music line here!

What is your best tip for new students?
- Join the activities and join out. You will meet as many wonderful people as you want to spend time with. Get to know people. You make a lot of good friends by just being involved in things.

Some new students are excited about whether they are good enough to go on the line?
- We learn a lot together. If someone knows more than you, you can just ask them and learn what they can. In the beginning, there may be differences. But as the weeks go by, everyone ends up in about the same place because everyone learns so much. And you are completely safe if you know nothing or "everything". No one demands more than you can and the best you get is good enough.

Future plans?
- In the future, there will be a popular music study in England in Huddersfield. My best friend goes there now, so then we move together in a collective. Want to work with playing music live, make music, work in studio production, as long as it has to do with stage and music, I am happy. Want to work with something music-related, whether it is a teacher, producer, make music for others, sound engineer or work with light.

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