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Film and photos: Concert and open stage

Last concert before Christmas we went "all-in" with live film, sound and light!

One of the highlights last week before Christmas was a concert with the music line, and an open stage - where everyone can sign up with all sorts of entertainment from the stage.

A highlight that can be highlighted was Jonathan from Musikklinja who live gave comp to himself and built his music with a loop pedal. Fat, just watch the movie…

We went "all-in". On stage, we had three screens showing live movies and graphics that responded to sound!

Everyone on stage received professional sound and light treatment, including smoke and what comes with it. The result was visually raw, and a good audience experience.

Band electives drove the mood to the ceiling with several performances. In addition, there was a package game, «mø-off», adjective story about the teachers' darkest secrets and more or less (less) rehearsed musical elements 😂


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