Music - Band / Vocals

Music visits Lydbildet studio

Own compositions go through creative processes and become finished songs ready for release

Throughout the school year, we work to become better at writing our own songs. We work with lyrics, melodies, chords and how to arrange them for one or more instruments.

Although we have three studios at the school where we can make good recordings and practice mixing, it is a very good learning in going to a professionally run sound studio with a professional sound party and producer. We at Elverum Folkehøgskole have in recent years used Lydbildet Studio at Dombås, which is run by our own Mattis Sørum. So we traveled here over a long weekend and recorded 7 songs. Some of the challenges we get by working in such a studio under a certain time pressure are:

  • Focus and concentration.
  • Need for heating.
  • The importance of careful tuning of string instruments.
  • Find creative solutions and think differently.
  • How to prepare in advance.
  • Use waiting time constructively.
  • Learn about mixing and mastering recordings.

We live in camping cabins where we cook ourselves and have a social time outside the working days in the studio which is 09 - 18. We manage 7 songs for a total of 3 full days, and it is very good work. We are working on a separate Spotify account where these songs can be listened to, so stay tuned. A very educational and fun study trip to Dombås… just needed to see musk.

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