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Application and admission to the school year 2021-2022

On 1 February, we will start admitting students for the school year 2021/2022, but you can still apply for a place.

No application deadline

There is no application deadline, and admission will continue as long as there are vacancies on the lines. This means that if someone refuses the offer of a school place, it opens up for new offers to be sent out. Therefore, we recommend everyone who could imagine a year at folk high school to apply, even after 1 February.

As of 1 February, offers will be sent by e-mail and text message. The response deadline for accepting offered school places is ten days. If you have been offered a school place, have accepted this and paid the registration fee, you are guaranteed a school place. We ask future students to check their email regularly, as more information will be sent out as school starts approaching.


If you have questions related to one of our lines, please feel free to contact the line teacher for this line. Contact information for all teachers is on our Contact Us page. We also have a page where we answer frequently asked questions.

For questions about your application, the application process or admission, you can contact assistant principal Åsmund Mjelva.

E-mail: post (at)
Phone: 99012041

In the time to come, we will also be extra active on the chat our Facebook page, so feel free to ask us questions there. We will help you get in touch with the right employee, if you just give us some time to get to the keyboard.

Here you can find us online:

Regarding Covid-19

Due to Covid-19 and constant changes in the infection situation, it is difficult to say for sure for the coming school year. But we follow all infection control advice and travel advice given by the authorities. We plan for an almost normal school year, and so that all travel can take place as normal. But we will work out good alternative solutions if this is not possible. Destinations on study trips can be added elsewhere (including domestically) if natural disasters or other external and extraordinary circumstances occur which the school does not control, and which significantly affect the implementation of the trip. No financial compensation is normally given for this.

Find free space

If you should be unlucky and not get the desired place at Elverum Folk High School, we recommend you to visit the relevant subject category at folkehø to see if there are vacancies at another school with a similar offer.

Good luck with the recording! We hope you have a great year at one of the country's folk high schools.

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