Who will be your roommate? Are you going to get along? What is it like to live with someone you do not know? What do the rooms look like? These were questions most people asked themselves before the school year started in August. We asked four students about the start and how it went.

Sunniva and Camilla are roommates and live in the boarding school called Solbakken. They both go on Photo / experiences line. They did not know each other until the school year began, as most other roommates did not.

Do you remember the first time you met?
- We were thrown a little into it! The principal showed us the room and while we unpacked we asked each other some general questions, such as where do you come from, do you have siblings and so on. It was a little scary at first, but we got to know each other much better when we were up late at night talking for the first few weeks.

How well do you know each other now?
- We know each other quite well! We go to the same class, in addition to living together and we have quite a lot to do with each other every day. When there are holidays, we drive together on the way home, since we do not live that far apart.

What have you learned from being roommates?
- We have found that we are quite similar. We both rotate and we both clear. Both are the youngest of the siblings. We have learned what it is like to live together, adapt and respect "personal space".

Benefits / challenges?
- There is always some life, always someone to talk to. We have had many deep conversations in the evenings. We have never known anyone the way we know the roomie, in a positive sense!

The only downside may be that it's a little difficult to keep track of who things belong to - socks are a challenge!

Lars Jørgen and Olav Isak are also roommates. They are two of very few who knew each other before they started the school year. They live in the boarding school called Eidsvoll and both go on Snowboard / freeski line.

What did you think of when you were to become roommates at Elverum Fhs?
- We have known each other since primary school, so we knew each other quite well from before. We were well used to being together a lot, so we thought we could write in the application that we would like to stay in the same room. We knew we were going to be able to get to know others better here at school, even though we knew each other from before and lived together. We are really quite connected and have different lives in a way, like that in the evening.

What have you learned from having a roommate?
- You learn a lot of basic things that really speak for themselves. When you live alone you can leave the mess for a while before you take it, but when you have a roommate I will take my mess right away, so it does not go beyond the other. Even though I'm not good at it, I'm much better at it. You decide 100% what the room should look like.

- You learn to respect the person you live with. Maybe one gear is on to be out until 11, but the other will go to bed at 9. Then you say no, solve it and learn to walk quietly in the door. People, whether it is the roommate or the neighbor, have completely different days and schedules and that must be respected.

Tips for new applicants who are excited about their roommate?
- Make the attitude that you want to respect your roommate. Dare to say if there is something, talk to each other, get to know your roommate and be a friend - then everything will work out. Going to folk high school is a special vibe - here there is always someone to talk to or hang out with. Take that chance, because it's never going to be like that again after the year is over.

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