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Shopping network, exchange day and food focus in action research

We have now entered the new year well. Here you can read what action research has done so far this year. On words for the day, Wednesday 1 March, the action researchers had a stunt where we presented our new shopping networks.

All students have each received their own shopping network with the school logo on it. The shopping networks are a measure we take to limit our plastic consumption, as we do not need plastic bags from the shops. Now there is an abundance of students with shopping nets around the shoulder. Around the school, the rubbish group has placed new rubbish bins for plastic sorting and better source sorting.

The first thing we did during the school year was hold a change of clothes day. We were very committed to having a change day after a thought-provoking seminar by Frida Ottesen known from Sweatshop. The students brought clothes to school home from the holidays that they wanted to change away. It abounded with clothes for everyone and one each. Many found "new" treasures for their wardrobe and all agreed that the changeover day was a success. The remaining clothes were taken out when we organized a sewing and workshop afternoon. Buttons were sewn, pants were patched and clothes were generally fixed. It is important to take good care of the clothes that are available, because by preventing waste from occurring, there will be just less waste.

April 1st is the big change of clothes day and we strongly recommend holding such a day at school, work, in the collective or with a group of friends!

Action research wanted to give students information about food's impact on the environment. Therefore, we sent a request to get a lecture from the future in our hands on food production. The organization sent us Line Gilberg who held an informative seminar on food production with the main subject meat production. The food group organized a vegetarian week where 25 participants ate vegetarian. This resulted in three new vegetarians and commitment to a new concept called flexiterians. After inspiring lectures and vegetarian weeks, the focus was on food throwing and the flexiterian scheme. For the rest of the school year, 10 participants will eat vegetarian from Monday to Thursday, with meat on the weekend. Inspired by Sund Folkehøgskole, we had a food throwing competition. In week 6, the food waste from breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening was to be sorted by line and weighed. The project was made to become aware of the food you throw away. We hope and believe that the competition will contribute to less food being thrown away in the future.

Furthermore, we will Skype with Sund Folkehøgskole next week, March 27. They are also invited here the same week, something we look forward to. In the future, we will make a binding climate agreement for the folk high school in collaboration with Astrid from the Future in our hands. We will also receive a visit from Marit Asheim from the information office of the folk high schools who will blog about our work as action researchers.

Above and out greetings the action researchers, by media manager Ragnhild Bjerkvik Alnes.

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