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Halloween weekend!

This is Halloween, this is Halloween…

Pumpkin carving

Photo/Experiences kicked off the weekend by organizing a pumpkin carving competition as a student evening for the whole school on Friday. Each line was given two pumpkins, and there were many creative solutions inspired by, among others, SpongeBob, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Norwegian teacher Susan and more classic solutions.

Horror film seminar

On Saturday we had a horror film seminar, and the students were divided into ten groups that were to parody or recreate one or more well-known horror films.

The students frolicked in the school's costume warehouse, and dressed as several of film history's scariest characters from IT, The Exorcist, The Grudge and more.

Many worked all day, and the films were shown on the big screen for the whole school on Saturday evening - to the delight and great entertainment of all the groups.

among us

Many had signed up for a separate Halloween committee, with the aim of creating the world's best Halloween weekend. Sunday evening started with Among Us IRL in the dark basement corridors under the main building.

Divided into two lanes, groups of 15 were sent in to solve tasks, while two of the participants were "impostors" whose mission was to kill the other players. The others had – as in the original – the task of exposing the fraudsters.

Costume catwalk

To honor the best costumes, a catwalk with stage lights was set up where all the characters could show themselves in all their glory. Everyone got their "time to shine" before the audience could vote

  • Best couple costume
  • Best Group Costume
  • Scariest costume
  • Funniest costume
  • Most creative costume 
  • Most effort
Photo: Eivind Høimyr @fotolarer

Project rave yard

The catwalk slipped into a rave with clowns, nurses, pirates, Smurfs, princesses, witches, mayonnaise (!), police, soldiers, Carp, minions and much more. Several also took the stage following the "grab the mic" concept and got some extra time in the spotlight.

Film club

On All Hallow's Eve itself, we opened the school for the Elverum film club, who visited us with a screening of the Halloween classic "Carrie".

Check out the pictures from the weekend!