Life at school

Nice, but teary last school day 2021-2022

Thank you so much for this year!

A worthy end

Today, the school year 2021–2022 ended, and we have taken a tearful "see you again".

Already on "words for the day" it became clear that many would have a day in need of many paper handkerchiefs - with conditioner, which outdoor life teacher Per recommends.

For the last time

After a greeting from the principal, we sang together for the last time in the lecture hall. The lyrics to the song "for the last time" confirmed the feelings everyone had:

«The door is locked, the gate is closed,
Everything is done for the very last time
Give me your hand before you leave,
Sit quite still on my lap
If what is past is past, then I have something beautiful to say
I will always remember what you and I shared
I will never forget what you are to me »

The day was spent unpacking the room, turning off the lights and handing over the key. Most spent the morning with family who came to pick up, or for a last moment with the roomie or friends from different lines.

Certificate and line completion

Each line gathered to eat, say a few well-chosen words and hand out diplomas. It was a nice rounding up with family and loved ones who had taken the road to pick up. Here, too, many tears were shed, but we have agreed that it is only an expression of how well we have had it together, teachers and students.

It is worth mentioning that the diploma is an important document. It comes with two credits and a confirmation of completion of the school year.

Graduation program

The finishing touch to the folk high school year was a graduation program with elements of song and speeches.

The students performed "Inatt jag drömde" by Cornelis Vreeswijk and "Imagine" by John Lennon. Several of the staff contributed with "Where are you my friend" as a gift to the students.

Student council leader Ida Jacobsen gave her farewell speech, and principal Per Egil Andersen thanked and summed up the school year, in addition to giving some advice for the future, including:

«Be careful with the use of drugs. I have the good fortune to hear someone say that they regret that they did not drink or smoke more in their youth… »

For the youth

The grand finale was, as tradition has it, the whole school performing Nordahl Grieg's "To the Youth", and there were more than the students who had to wipe the corner of their eye.

Outside of any tradition, however, it was when the students spontaneously came with the desire to be allowed to sing idyll one last time. And what an end it was!

Yes it was love!

Thank you so much for a wonderful year. Good luck. See you again ❤️