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Get-to-know-you trip to Glitterheim

We have been to Jotunheimen to walk in the mountains, eat good food, play cards, sit by the fireplace and get to know each other better - as the tradition has been for almost 30 years!

There is something special about driving into the mountains. We see reindeer along the road - and in the road. Happy cows graze on endless pastures. The mountain sides rise on both sides, and the meltwater trickles down into small streams that meet and grow into a clear, blue river at the bottom of the valley.

Mobile coverage is gone, and we can focus on the here and now - and each other.

The fireplace room at the DNT cabin is warm and sparsely lit. It goes in Yatzy, board games, cards, massage and all-singing accompanied by guitar strumming. We get good Norwegian home cooking, and the lines are challenged to make a twist on the mountain weather rules and perform them for the rest of the gang.

The music line plays a beautiful acoustic concert, and Africa teacher Geir invites you to the little stone hut, where he tells about mysterious - and real - events from the area.

For many, Glittertind - Norway's second highest mountain with its 2454 masl - is the biggest goal of the trip.

Many reached the top, and many had nice hiking experiences on the way to the top or around Steinbuvannet on the hill above the cabin.

On day two on the mountain, the students were divided into teams across lines. For many, it was long-awaited to get "help" to meet new people. There were tasks around the cabin, with bathing in the meltwater being by far the coldest experience.

We round off with "thank you for the trip", and a juicy photo gallery!

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