Life at school

Everything you need to know if you are applying to Elverum Folk High School!

We have created a guide for you who have applied, or are considering applying.

"The best year of your life", "a year off", "a year with new friends", "a year you grow up"…

There are many descriptions of folk high school, and the school year has different meanings for different people. But it is not a "year off" - the days are full of subjects, activities and social happenings.

Some choose folk high school to grow, some to be childish. Some choose to immerse themselves in a subject, while others try something completely new and unknown. You need to know what is right for you.

A spring vacation in one minute. Some of what folk high school can offer.

Our lines

You primarily search on a line. If you wish to apply on several lines, enter 1st choice, 2nd choice etc. in the application form.

Click on a line to see content, pictures, films and study tours.


We have around 30 electives each year that you can choose from. You choose subjects for one semester at a time, so you get to try something before Christmas, and something else until the summer.

In addition to electives, we have joint subjects that are compulsory for all students, and a themed week each semester where all students take part in a project.

What does it look like at the boarding schools, at the school and the surrounding area?

Elverum Folk High School was completed in 1928 and has always been a folk high school. The school buildings are full of history and old charm, but in recent years we have completely renovated and refurbished most dormitories and dormitories.

How do I apply, and how does the recording take place?

All applications are sent via There you will also find lots of useful information about going to folk college, and information about all schools and lines.

On the first of February, we will start sending out offers for school places to as many as we have room for on each line. It is therefore advisable to apply as early as possible.

IMPORTANT: There is no application deadline. We accept students as long as there is room, so just apply during the spring and summer!

Read more details about application and admission in the article below:

What is folk high school?

  • Exam-free
  • Grade-free
  • Boarding school - you live at the school
  • You get a diploma and two credits

The overall goal of the folk high schools is education. Education is everything that helps to shape us into people who master everyday life, participate actively and positively for those around us and who reflect on the world and our place in it.

We know, it sounds great. And that's right, because education is part of everything we do on the line, at the boarding school, when we have room cleaning, when we travel on a study trip and have to find the subway in a big city or when we discover new sides of ourselves. do you want to know more? Read the article below.

How much does it cost?

Full loan and grant for the school year 2023/2024 is NOK 125. Scholarships make up 370%, i.e. NOK 40.

Our lines cost NOK 140 on average. If you deduct NOK 000 in stipends, a year at Elverum Folkehøgskole costs an average of NOK 50

If you think folk high school seems expensive, we recommend that you set up a small calculation of what it costs to live from home. Here is an example:

WhatPer month.Nine months
Rent5 000 -45 000 -
Electricity 1000,-9 000 -
Internett 500,-4 500 -
Food3 000 -27 000 -
Transport1 500 -13 500 -
Cost, living away from home11 000 -99 000 -
Cost, community college9 983 -89 850 -

In this example, we have been careful. Many people pay significantly more for rent, electricity, internet, food and transport - and the expenses can vary from month to month.

More about price and economy in this article:


Did you know that we have our own climate agreement to become a greener school? Or that you can try yourself as a flexitarian while you are a student here? Are you curious about our rules or the school's aid projects in Uganda, among other places? Visit our collection page for information and click on all of the articles.

Good luck with your application. Hope to see you next school year!

Are you ready to apply?

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