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Sew yourself an apron!

Do you have worn-out jeans that you no longer wear? Denim fabric is durable and can be used for redesign. It is a good idea to protect your clothes with a work apron, whether you are painting, working with clay, carpentry or cooking.

The first thing you should do is study your pants carefully. Find out what you want to keep of seams, pockets, marks or other details. Do the trousers have a nice waistband / edge that you can use again? The more you can use up again, the better.

Make working drawing / sketch. But a good plan is the chance for a good result best

The right equipment is half the job. You need a good pair of scissors that is only used for fabric and thread, not paper. The bouncing knife is your friend. Use it correctly - it is easy to cut the fabric with the pointed part. Also use safety pins or clips to prevent the fabric from moving.

You do not need a fancy sewing machine. Straight stitch to sew together and zigzag to sew around the edges, so that the fabric does not fringe and unravel, hold.

Switch to thicker sewing machine needle. Since the denim fabric is thick, it is advisable to have a strong needle, intended for denim fabric or leather No. 110. (The usual sewing machine needles are size 75).

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