Exciting collaboration with other lines

This semester we work a lot across the lines and let ourselves be inspired by each other

It is a varied program with a focus on redesign that awaits students in the coming months. Since we are going to be a part of it, we start by making warm mittens from worn wool sweaters. In the spirit of recycling, we will also make jewelry from silver that is extracted from old film reels.

Together with the Backpacker / extreme sports line and Snowboard / Freeski we go to Trysilfjellet. Then it will be possible to hone the skiing technique on boards, slalom or cross-country skis. Back at school, we sit behind the sewing machines and sew face masks for the trips in the spring.

It is always fun to make a film together with Foto / Opplevelser. Based on plasticine, paper or other effects, we take many photos that are edited together into a short film. The photo line also helps us when we take portrait photos for the oil painting course the famous artist Kari Nordnes comes and holds for us.

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Performance is an art that is exciting to try out. The tradition of the music line creating performing arts together with our line is a highlight of the spring semester. After some theory about masks and history, students cover their faces with plaster and shape their unique expressions. The masks are painted and become part of the performance type.

The school has an aid project in Uganda. Together with Afrika-Bistand / kultur, the art line creates gravure prints that are sold for income for the project. They then engrave a motif in a plate that is applied with printing ink and rolled with a damp paper through a printing press. By varying colors and the amount of printing ink, you can create many unique expressions.

It's always fun to learn outside the classroom as well. Therefore, we go on a trip to the Forest Museum, where the students make snow sculptures of a cubic meter of snow, we cook on a campfire and test out sledges at Budor, and we have a street art workshop in Berlin.

There is only one thing that is stupid about the spring semester; it goes so far too fast… But still get time for mosaic work, watercolor painting, silkscreen printing and a study trip to Barcelona.

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