Shine bright like silver

Is it possible to make jewelry in pure silver from old film reels?

The answer is yes. Art / Experiences was allowed to use «metal clay», a kind of clay that consists of recycled silver from industrial waste (such as batteries, film rolls and the like), binder and water.

The students first rolled a thin surface of the silver clay. Then they embossed it with a pattern, before they cut out a desired shape and made holes for hanging with a needle pen. After a little drying, it was time to burn off the water and the organic material. In order for the clay to harden, it must be burned at at least 750 degrees, something they did with a hot air gun. Then they sanded away the white coating with a brass brush and left with a clean silver jewelry. Then someone chose to oxidize the silver with oxidizing fluid, so that the pattern became clear. Finally sanded and polished the jewelry with agate polishes. The result was shiny fine silver pendants.

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