Gravure printing of three letters

Owl, cat, ant, elf and mom were some of Kunst / Opplevelser's answers to the three-letter assignment in gravure this week.

Gravure printing is a printing technique within graphics and graphic industrial production. The motif etses or applied to the plate mechanical. This is done using acids, other chemicals or mechanical tools. The ink is smeared into the plate and lies down in the recesses of the plate (the engraving), while the highest part of the plate is wiped off (without color).

Gravure printing was first "invented" in the Middle Ages. The end of the 13th century is considered the beginning of graphics in Europe. THE China there is high pressure from several hundred years before the birth of Christ.

The printing plate is usually made of sink or copper. But any material can basically be used. IN collography paper is often used.

There are a whole range of different ways to process the boards. (Explanation taken from Wikipedia).

Other titles the students came up with were: faith, life, tender, sea, thigh and pretty. Can you link the right print to the right title?

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