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Guide: DIY gloves

Give new life to an old wool sweater or blanket with this simple pattern!

You need

  • Paper to draw the pattern on
  • Sweater or blanket in wool or another warm fabric
  • A soft fabric, e.g. an old fleece blanket (only if you want lining in the mitten)
  • Good scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Wire
  • Measuring tape


Cut up the wool sweater

so that you get the largest possible surface to work with. Sleeves are cut at the seams. Ribbing is cut off with 2-3 cm extra fabric (extra width to sew on the cuff on the mitten).

Make a pattern of your hand

If possible, fold the fabric double and place the patterns on the fabric in a way that gives the least possible cut. Fasten with safety pins and cut around with cloth scissors. If you want lining in the mittens, do the same with a slightly thinner fabric, here you can, for example, use an old fleece blanket. You will have a total of six parts for one pair of mittens (12 if you want to line the mittens). If you want to embroider something on the front of the mittens, do it now, before you start sewing the mittens together.

Sew the fabric together

Cast on right side to right side and sew together parts 2 and 3 (underside with thumb) from side marker around thumb and to side marker. Try it on hand to check that it fits. Lay the underside you just sewed straight on straight on part 1, fasten together with needles, and sew around. When you get to the thumb, flip it over and sew well next to it. Trim the edges with scissors. Turn the mittens. Do the same with other mittens - the mirror should be inverted.

Make a cuff of rib or fabric

This cuff is placed in the mitten as it should look on the outside.

NB! Here it is easy to make mistakes. Attach the cuff with needles and sew on the inside. Take out the needles and fold out the cuff. Finished!

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