Line Week - Handball

This week has been eventful and varied. We have worked with the head and the body.

Themes in the line week have been:

Edge shot - angle of inning. The angle of incidence on many wingers, and the stride length is often something that should be adjusted. Unfortunately, wingers too often learn that they should always be at the very bottom of the corner on the court, - something that does not provide optimal conditions for putting the ball in goal.

Strength training - technique. Among other things, work has been done on the complex free-turning exercise.

Game analysis - Jugge variants. We have used a number of clips from the Norwegian national team and looked at what is needed to get to good opportunities when using the start-up Jugge.

Champions League match. Elverum Handball met Zagreb in Terningen Arena for a fireworks display of a match. Nice with season tickets «ring-side».

Core session - with Thorsteinn from Olympiatoppen and Elverum Handball Men.

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