Life at school

Handball at training camp in Barcelona

Handball has a training camp in Santa Susana, one hour north of Barcelona. Here is the content of the days as follows:

  • Lunch
  • Handball session in the hall
  • Recovery
  • Lunch
  • Strength training or cardio
  • Recovery
  • Dinner
  • Fun
  • Alternative activities such as football-golf, beach volleyball, guided tour of Barcelona
  • Liga Asobal settlement between Barcelona and FMCangas

We have worked in the hall with smaller game exercises, tactical choices and alternative exits to situations, and with individual shooting technique. In the warm-up in the hall, we use a number of core exercises and lift weights in the strength room.

Saturday we have a tour of Barcelona. Here we get a guided tour to Sa Grada Familia, see the League Asobal showdown between Barcelona and FMCangas. We meet world stars like Ludovic Fabregas (Spain) and Ali Zein (Egypt), and get to see Camp Nou, the Olympic facilities and La Rambla.

The afternoons and evenings go to alternative activities such as football-golf, beach volleyball, jogging in charming streets and stairs, or to relaxation and fun on the beach.