Mountains, sea, training and spectacular Norway - Handball in Lofoten!

When trips abroad to handball cities were not possible due to Covid, we decided to experience North Norwegian nature.

Surfing at Unstad: The Norwegian Sea straight out, and the next stop Jan Mayen! Light heating, a little posing, and then splash in the water! A very eager group, who obviously found it unusual that the surface moved, managed after good effort to become friends with the elements and come rushing towards the beach up on the board.

Sea eagle safari with RIB in the Trollfjord. Close contact with sea eagles surrounded by fantastic nature!

Top trip to Festvågtind in blue skies, views of Henningsvær, and end of the day with a football match at the world's most unique football stadium!

We got to visit the Viking Museum at Borg and train in the handball hall of Blest.

A fantastic week with unforgettable experiences. Many thanks to Julian, with family, who took us home and served as a guide and acquaintance.

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