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Kiting on Norway's second largest lake

Backpacker / Ekstremsport and Friluftsliv have been to a kitecamp at Femunden. There we had training in basic rigging, launching and landing of kites.

Kitecamp at Femunden

In mid-February, Backpacker / Ekstremsport and Friluftsliv traveled up to Femunden to kite on Norway's second largest lake.

We started with a bit shaky weather with snow and clouds, but it did not take long before the sun broke out and we had two wonderful days on the icy water.

We focused on training in rigging, launching and landing the kite. The students started with small exercise kits to get it into their fingers before moving on to the big ones. The weather was generally perfect for beginners with 5 -6 meters per second, but some stronger gusts hit from time to time and then there were some who got to feel the strength of the forces of nature.

Do you want to join kitecamp next year?

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