Outdoor life paddles on Kynna

Introduce spring solution

At the bottom of the beautiful Kynndalen in Elverum, the river Kynna flows. It meanders in the valley floor, narrow and winding in parts, in other parts the river is more like large lakes. Two paddle days are ahead of us with camp site Sævsjøen waiting. We enter the canoes at the northern end of Lake Silksjøen. Quiet calm water with the wind in the back bodes well for a wonderful nature experience at Finnskogen. A relatively cold spring with controlled snowmelt and frost nets contributes to suitable water levels for easy paddling. The bird life has really woken up in the valley floor. Ducks and small birds keep us company all the way. At Holsjøen we face a challenge - the ice has not melted on the sea yet. We try along land on the east side first, but here was dt compact ice. On the west side, on the other hand, the ice has released its roof along land in most places. We have to land and pull canoes three short distances before we are out in open and free water again. Canoeing is good for body and soul. You get close to the elements and the wildlife. this leads for most to an inner peace and well-being along the way. So too this time. Two perfect paddling days end at Nedre Kynndammen. Here we get to know the history from the time the timber was transported on the waterway and not on semi-trailers along the road.