Outdoor life on a spring trip


We start our two line weeks with a long-awaited hike with a backpack, tent, primus and mountain boots in the idyllic Trømborgfjella in Indre Østfold. Spring is here earlier and the snow has long since disappeared. Fishing rod is included, fishing license is paid and we start inside the trail system with Kai and Keston in front as tour guides. Today's destination, a lake quite far northeast of the area is waiting for us. We walk in a beautiful area with old coastal pine forest. Knotty and a lot of drainage tracks after the last ice age. Central to the area is the diversity of fishing lakes that appear over the next cool both here and there. These lakes are well cultivated by local hunting and fishing associations, and are rich in fish such as trout, perch and pike. Many different duck species are already finding nesting places. Cranes and large loons give the forest nightlife and forest birds wake us up with familiar game sounds from the playgrounds around.

At the far end of Hvaler

After 3 good days in Indre Østfold, we turn our nose southwest to Hvaler. Here we park at Skjærhalden and barely reach the boat over to Søndre Sandøy. We go ashore at Nedgården and walk across the island to a fantastic outdoor area, Stuevika. Here we have plenty of space for the tent, a beautiful bay with bustling bird life and access to a clean fountain. At sunset, we find the sluice rod and check if the sea trout is biting. After some discussion, we put on what we think is the right drain. The wind conditions are excellent and we have seen fish break the water crust several times. After three throws, the first one chops and Kai lands a beautiful fish at a meager kilo. It is enough for a good evening meal and happiness is complete.
We end the trip with a round around the Old Town in Frederikstad. Here, of course, there is a mandatory stop at Råde bakery and patisserie.