Outdoor life on Løtenfjellet

A glorious winter day in Løtenfjellet where the learning theme is emergency bivouac in forest, type of winter.

«Emergency bivouac is a temporary and improvised accommodation in the open air, and which is made without the use of special bivouac equipment such as tents or similar. An emergency bivouac is often built as a bar cabin or a canopy (gapahuk), and using logs and branches. In winter, an emergency bivouac can also be built as a snow cave. - Large Norwegian encyclopedia

We find a beautiful spruce, a spruce where the lower branches hang down and make a skirt around the trunk. We throw snow all around a good distance up the branches, clap and let the snow castle around the spruce "settle" a little.

We go for a walk up to the ski resort on Budor and practice a bit on basic skiing skills on cross-country skis, ie skiing with swing technique and balance training.

Finally this day we go down again to the spruce and form good sleeping places in the shelter of snow and branches next to the spruce trunk. We dig a ditch in the entrance so the cold seeps out of the pit. 

The next day is no less glorious. Sunrise, calm weather and minus 15 on the degree scale. Breakfast is taken in the cabins we have spent the night in and we are ready for departure towards Elverum.

The journey takes place in the trail network in Løtenfjellet. Loaded with backpacks of about 15 kg, we start the march in beautiful winter landscape on cross-country / mountain skis. We observe various animal tracks on the road, crossing Klekkefjellet and Savalseterhøgda. Here starts a beautiful descent to Djupmyrskoia in Grundsetmarka, via Narsetra. Good balance and turning technique are required here, which can be challenging on sparkling leads, especially with a relatively heavy backpack. Everyone comes down unscathed.

We walk on our feet the last bit from Elgstua to the school and agree that this trip was brilliant.

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