Outdoor life has had a good start to the school year

Then it is high time to come up with a sign of life from the class that defies weather and wind, emerges by its own driving force and constantly acquires knowledge about life in forests, fields, mountains and water.

The group debuted with their first overnight trip on day three of the school year. Bags were packed and the hike began along the Glomma northwards, and over to Prestøya. Tent camps were established, food was prepared, fishing luck was tried and some even tempted the bathing temperature.

Furthermore, it has gone hand in hand with glacier hiking, net fishing, mountain hiking and summit hikes in Jotunheimen. The duration of a week and the tent life became the natural accommodation option.

The woolen clothes barely had time to dry after Jotunheimenvask before it wore out again. This time, hiking along Rondanestien in the core area of ​​Rondane - Illmanndalen, Langglupdalen and Døråldalen. A trip where we split into three different teams and joined forces with a Swedish folk high school from Støllet, Klaraelvdalen Folkhøgskola. We went out from three different palsies, went in three different routes, met at Bergedalstjønninn and went out different routes again as well. There was a lot of varied weather, in other words good opportunities for experience and learning.

We have also tried net fishing for whitefish in Sølensjøen with accommodation at the inland fishing village Fiskevollen. Canoeing on Kynna through beautiful parts of Finnskogen has also been tried.

Last week we visited Rondanestien once again. This time further south on Hedmarksvidda. From Narsetra to Savalsetra. On to Målia and Snippkoia on the north side of Gitvola. Stable wet weather characterized the trip, but the mood was at its best. Good to crawl into DNT`s unattended cabins to get dried up, before a new wet day starts.

Fantastic experiences with a great group who are good at taking care of each other and keeping their spirits up.

Thanks to Eirik Hennissen Pedersen for great photos from Hedmarksvidda.

We are now entering a period with emphasis on emergency bivouacing, campfire making, cooking on a campfire in the local area. Already on Wednesday it is «Bikehike» in small tent layers.

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