Outdoor life goes to Jotunheimen.

Outdoor life starts a good week in the mountains with a glacier hike on Smørstabbreen in Jotunheimen. Here they learn different walking techniques on glaciers with crampons. Use of ice ax to chop steps, as well as be extra handles when forcing ice walls as well. How to take care of each other in the rope team is also important knowledge to take with you. A natural entrance to the rope is to master the 8-number knot.

The journey continues back into Veodalen and DNT`s tourist cabin Glitterheim. Here they meet other classes from the school who live in the tourist cabin, but the outdoor life group of course sleeps in their own tents. Mountain fishing with rod and net is part of the professional program here. There will also be ten more summit hikes on Glittertind. We stay in the immediate area of ​​the cabin one day and do some good activities that challenge the creativity and interaction of the students.

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