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Trysil shoot with Photo and Snowboard / Freeski

The photo line has been with Snowboard / Freeski to Trysil on photoshoot. Here you can see the result - and learn some good tips for ski and board photography.


Throughout the school year, we have many line collaborations. It is social and educational to make arrangements with the other lines, and it offers great opportunities (The photo line is good models, by all means, but we get a little more action when we photograph Snowboard / Freeski in Trysil).

But it's not just the photographers who get cool subjects. The ski and board class gets a greater understanding of how to set up a photoshoot, and joins the planning and hears about how to position themselves, etc. to get good photos.

Tips for snowboarding and skiing photography

Do not get in the way!

The first rule is about your and others' safety. It goes without saying, but is easy to forget when you are in the zone and chasing the perfect picture: do not get in the way!

When taking pictures, you must always have an overview up the hill. Set aside the equipment along the edge, or off the trail. Watch yourself every time you move, and never move behind balls, jumps or hangs without being completely sure that you have control over those who come down the hill.

Avoid "the man in the sky"

This is a "don't" I learned from the Snowboard Association on one of my first shoots. So you do not want to take pictures of "man in the sky", in other words a driver with only sky around him.

"Man in the sky"

Be sure to include some of the jump, ball or other references around that show how high and far the rider jumps. It gives creds and is appreciated in the environment.

Fast shutter speed and continuous shooting

This goes on camera settings. Use continuous shooting so that the camera takes several pictures in succession when you hold down the shutter button. Then there is a greater chance of getting the blink shot (and you can put the image together into bold sequences afterwards).

Photo: Eivind Høimyr / @fotolarer

Feel free to use the mode «S» (Nikon) or «Tv» (Canon), this is «Shutter priority» (shutter priority in Norwegian). This means that you set the shutter speed, then the camera does the rest. It is recommended to use shutter speeds of 1/500 sec or faster. ISO can be auto.

Where to stand?

There is no final decision here, and it is possible to do a lot of creative work. But a good start, and one of my favorite placements, is to stand in the area where the run (downhill towards the jump) ends, and the kicker (the jump itself) starts to go up. There you stand relatively flat, and can get both the jump, the rider and the ball.

I recommend standing at an angle to the jump, so that the rider does not disappear behind the jump edge. It can also work well to stand almost 90 degrees on the side of the jump, but it depends on what it looks like in the facility. The advantage of standing at an angle is that you often get the valley or surrounding mountains as a background behind the rider.

Photo: Eivind Høimyr / @fotolarer

Another tip is to stand on the ball, but then you need a wide-angle lens of 24mm or lower.

Photo: Eivind Høimyr / @fotolarer

I usually use a 24-70mm lens. It is flexible for the most part. I also often use a 70-200mm to be able to stand further away, but still get close enough.

Organization and communication

This is an underestimated point. Before a shoot, it is important to agree that riders must wait for a signal from the photographer before driving. I have missed countless jumps and rails because the riders have been impatient, or because they have thought I have been ready because the communication has been unclear.

Arrange clear signs for what means clear and wait. If the riders are to drive several in a row with a short distance (line), the photographer must be prepared for it to keep up. Also be clear on which element to drive on.

If you want to be extra careful, you can think about which way a driver enters an element. Do you get the back or front of the rider from where you stand? Which way should the rider rotate?

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