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Stop exercise with Photo / Experiences

Stop motion is a series of still images that together create the feeling of movement. The genre allows for lots of creativity and experimentation.

It was this genre that the photography students were given the task of working on for two days last week. For many it was the first time they explored the technique, others had not done so since primary school.

A bit cliché, but it is actually only the imagination that sets the limits.

The technique opens up for being very creative, and in many contexts one can go beyond the laws of physics with magic and objects that appear or disappear into thin air.

Want to try stop motion? Here are some "do's and dont's"

  • The camera must be completely still! Use stand and remote control or self-timer. If you use a mobile phone, try to attach the phone / stabilize it as much as possible.
  • App suggestions: Stop motion studio og Dragonframe.
  • Use a constant light source.
  • There should be a minimum of 12 photos per. second. Preferably 24 for more seamless movements.
  • Think about how you cast shadows in the room and against what is seen in the picture.
  • Think of different angles and sections. Feel free to switch between total photos and close-ups.
  • If a character in the film stands still for one second, you need at least 12 pictures of it standing completely still.
  • Add music and sound effects. This "makes" the film. Create the sound effects yourself, or download from free sites online.
  • Remember that gravity is very difficult to simulate if objects have to hang in the air etc…

Learn to do stop motion

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