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Paddle trip on Kynna with Norwegian and Foto

Kynna is a river that flows through Elverum. Norwegian Culture and Adventure and Photo / Experiences drove to Introduce with the buses full of equipment, ready for this year's first overnight trip. We first set up camp, with tents and lavoes before we put the canoes out in the water. See some of the photos from the paddle trip in the gallery below!

Kynna is a watercourse in Finnskogen, ideal for canoeing and kayaking. Kynna offers enlongated lakes and narrow rivers that meander through the forest. Here you get close to nature, especially on the smaller river courses. If you are lucky (and quiet) you can experience birds and beavers up close. Kynna is a nice watercourse with almost no rapids, which makes it perfect for those who have not paddled that much.

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