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Instagram overflows with photos of people's breakfast, dinner or dessert - but it's not just-just mastering the food photography genre.

The photography students attacked the task with good appetite (høhø). They got a budget, bought ingredients and found props and styling at the local second-hand shop. In addition, they borrowed equipment and rarities from chef Ketil, who loves all old curiosities.

The students got acquainted with the use of lights and reflectors, and received styling tips from Miriam in the kitchen who has worked in Foodora and participated in countless food photo sessions.

Tips and tricks for you who want to start with food photography.
The food photography genre is full of "dirty" tricks.

The genre facilitates a lot of experimentation with both light and shadow, focus and depth of field, cut and placement - in addition to the actual styling of the food and the process around assessing what to include and what environment it should all be placed in to make the result most possible tempting.

Food photography gives a lot of room for creativity, collaboration, cooking, experimenting with photography techniques and different lenses. The result must be said to be inviting. Bon apetit!

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