Life at school


Photo line with tasteful photo assignment before Christmas.

Photography / Experiences has worked with food photography, a genre known for many tricks behind the scenes. For example, put cardboard between the pancakes in a stack to make it taller, use motor oil instead of syrup, put a bowl upside down in the soup with the garnish on top so the garnish does not "drown", etc.…

The line was divided into groups, and together they would choose a dessert and a dish or drink to be prepared and photographed.

The groups were given a budget to follow, and were sent to the shop to buy ingredients, and to the second-hand shop in town to buy cutlery, crockery, cutting sensors or textiles to stock up on the pictures with - in addition, they got a "raid" basement and kitchen at the photo teacher.

With the plan ready, all the groups started cooking. Cakes, smoothies, pasta and pizza were dandered, placed in an environment and lit up… And best of all, once the pictures were taken we could supply ourselves with the motifs 😇

Interested in food photography? Check out these tips:


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