Lofoten's best photo spots with Photos / Experiences

Lofoten attracts photographers from all over the world, and with jagged mountains plunging straight into turquoise waters with reflections of red fisherman's huts, it is not difficult to understand why.

It takes a little over a day to get from the forests in Elverum to the wild coast of Lofoten - by train and minibus. The time it takes gives us a very good climate conscience, a lot of time together, time to do research and not least time to see what is on the way. And then there will be some time for card games, podcasts, series and mobile games…

We drive a minibus from Bodø to Svolvær, and on the way the landscape grows around us. The mountains are getting sharper. The forest thinner. More and more students are becoming more and more interested in following out the window. The view can take the breath away from most people. Even northerners who are suddenly sightseeing in "their own backyard".

Our cabins at Lofoten Holiday Center in Svolvær are located next to each other and have large windows facing a frozen water. There is a small kitchen to prepare food in, and beds on the loft. The view consists of mountains and a ski center, and we are going to peek out in the hope that the clouds will disappear and the snow will lighten. Then there are opportunities for the northern lights - something we have been crossing our fingers for a long time.

Photo: Mari Eiksund Eines

Many find themselves at ease in the cabins and take a quiet evening after the long journey. A small group packs a tripod, camera and thick gloves. We drive to Lofoten Cathedral. The beautiful church is lit in the evening, and with the right angle and long shutter speed, you can light up the mountains in the background. It's cool to see how camera technology can bring out something we can not see with our own eyes. After the Lofoten Cathedral, we stop at a small bridge and photograph the current in the water and the mountains in the background before the last group also enters the years and takes the evening.

Also 06.30 the next morning a small group of enthusiasts will be out. The lure that tempts more than a warm duvet is sunrise and views of the whole of Svolvær - straight out to sea. We will not be disappointed. The panoramic view makes the walk immediately worth it, although we have switched to walking on top of the snow, this through and crawling on top of the crowd. A piece of chocolate does not exactly make it worse. And with the pictures safely on the memory card, you can take the time to just see, breathe and feel that life is quite fantastic.

We eat breakfast and make hot instant coffee. Today's program is «Lofoten A to Z». We drive the E10, which winds over and under mountains, over bridges and through tunnels. We stop, enjoy the view, take photos and drive on. In Nusfjord - perhaps the most charming and picture-friendly fishing village in Lofoten (the world?) - we fry sausages in storm kitchens, stroll on the piers and watch the seagulls, fish to dry and the fishing boats.

Afterwards, world-famous motifs lie like pearls on a string: Ramberg beach, the Fredvang bridges, Hamnøy, Sakrisøy and Reine. We end up in Å, the last settlement at the tip of the Lofoten Islands. The weather is shaking well now, and it tastes a little extra good with pizza on the way home.

A new morning. Breakfast with a mountain view somehow tastes a little better. We drive to the quay in Svolvær, and meet the crew on the ship M / S Orca. We join out to sea, and into the Trollfjord. There we get fresh homemade (boat-made) fish soup and can eat while we see sea eagles and think that inside this thin fjord, cruise ships the size of hotels turn around when it is high season. We are alone with a small boat.

We drive out again, and now the excitement begins in earnest. "There!". The black silhouette glides across the sky. Getting closer. Circles. Sea eagle is a majestic sight, and today we get an insane «show». Eagles plunge around the boat repeatedly, and we for the opportunity to adjust the zoom lenses as sharply as we can. It's hard, but the flashes are here and there. Your heart rate increases and there is adrenaline to track. When photographing wild animals, you must follow and print at the right time. Raw.

Dinner. It's snowing heavily outside, but several northern lights apps warn of clear weather and green skies throughout the evening. There will be many trips to the windows with long glances at the sky. Do we see any stars? "Yes!". In just half an hour, the weather changes completely, and the clouds disappear. A quick test with the camera reveals that we have to get out. Aurora is visiting, and we know she can disappear as soon as she arrives. This time she will stay for a while. Dance with us, and then the clouds close the view again.

Covid-19 has hung over the trip ever since we left. New guidelines are constantly emerging from the government. Fortunately, our plan involves little contact with other people, and we can continue until further notice. We are on our way to surf when the instructor calls and tells us that he came from South Africa two days ago. We have to cancel, and he has to be quarantined. As a substitute, we visit one of Lofoten's "hidden treasures". An abandoned house decorated with a mural by graffiti artist «Mob». Together with "Dagger", he has decorated landmarks and abandoned houses in many places in Lofoten. Many of the places remain secret among locals.

The house is located at the foot of a steep cliff, and is a cool motif in itself. Inside the house there is scrap everywhere, the windows are broken and the curtains are fluttering. There are some completely different motives than the ones we have seen so far in Lofoten, and tell about moving out and new times.

Without a surfing course we also get time to visit the beaches Haukland and Uttakleiv. Here we get the sea right in the face when we get out of the cars. It hails and snows, and the waves hit rocks and the beach. Lofoten at its wildest and most beautiful. A near perfect ending!

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