Photo / Experiences Bergstadsvandring in Røros

Distinctive architecture on the UNESCO World Heritage List

3,5 hours north of Elverum is Bergstaden Røros. Here, Røros Kobberverk started its operations in 1644, which was the reason why the buildings grew. Bergstaden was founded in 1838 and the copper mining lasted until 1977. Here you can walk the streets and see how the people in the mining community lived and lived, both the wealthy directors and the ordinary workers.

Bergstaden is on UNESCO World Heritage List. Here are some of the reasons for the first enrollment in 1980.

«Røros is a distinctive mining environment with exclusively wooden architecture. For 333 years, the city has fused impulses from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Trondheim and the surrounding districts. This has resulted in a wooden house environment that carries with it much of the finest in Norwegian tradition, and which at the same time has become something very special in our country both in the industrial, social and cultural area as well as in the architectural. Røros Bergstad with its surroundings is a characteristic example of a significant traditional style in wooden architecture and forms a unique mining town at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level. "

"Røros is a very nice place to take pictures, since it is so unique - the buildings are old, full of history and the atmosphere is very special"

Hanna Sundling, Student at Photo / Experiences

"It's always fun to go to new places and take pictures - each person in the class sees the world in their own way, and it's very exciting to see afterwards what the others have taken pictures of, which you may not have noticed yourself. »

Hanna Sundling, Student at Photo / Experiences

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