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Sex and consent - where does the line go?

At folk high school you get to know each other well, and you are a lot together - close to each other. Then it is important that everyone knows where the border goes, so you can respect your own and others' borders.

Throughout the year, we address important topics in the house groups, on the lines and in common subjects. All this is part of what we call "formation". It is about gaining a better understanding of oneself as a person, and as part of society. Sex, consent and boundaries are a natural part of this.

A very simple explanation of consent


  • You cannot touch the body of others without permission. You have to ask - and get yes. (Just like you can not take someone's bike or mobile without asking). 
  • The body language and what the person says must agree. 
    • If body language says yes, but the person says no = no 
    • If body language says no, but the person says yes = no 
  • Even if the person has said yes before, you will have to ask again next time. 
  • Even if someone wants to kiss, you have to ask before you go ahead and stick your hand in your pants or under their sweater. 
  • What can you say? How to ask? 
    • Do you want me to…? 
    • Do you want…?
    • Be specific! Talk together.  
  • Sometimes you can say yes, but change your mind along the way. It's never too late to change your mind! 
  • It's not okay to get mad or "guilt trip" someone to change your mind. 
  • "No" is the same as STOP! Changing your mind means STOP, and is not a basis for negotiation.
  • It is just as well for someone with a penis or a vulva to have many, few or no partners. It's not okay to call someone a whore, slut or fuckboy.
  • If someone has sex with you, they can still have sex with others another time. It's your body, and only YOU decide what to do with it.
  • You are not allowed to have sex with anyone under the age of 16 - even if they consent.
  • Offensive behaviors are also movements and sexual language. There does not have to be physical contact.
  • You can not show your body or flash someone who has not asked for it or said yes neither online nor offline. It's blotting.
  • You cannot share photos of others who are naked without consent - you are not allowed to share the photos if they are even wearing clothes.
  • You cannot store nude photos of others without their consent. 
  • This means that dickpics, tits or other sexualized images or sexualized content are above the line. If you have this you need to delete it now.

The police have made this picture which you can respond to if you have been sent unwanted content. Download it or take a screenshot.

On Snapchat and Instagram, you can search for "shareable" and get gifs you can use in response to unwanted content. 

See and read more about sex, abuse and consent

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