Saturday seminar with Movies on War and Øystein Egge

Saturday morning we had a visit from festival director Øystein Egge, who introduced the film festival Movies on War (MoW). A festival that is arranged in Elverum 21. – 24. November 2019.

The festival has been held in Elverum since 2011, and has a good collaboration with the folk high school. This means that all students receive a festival pass and a tailor-made program with strong film experiences at the end of November. The seminar was a small foretaste of what is to come.

Øystein showed The documentary "In Meeting the Enemy" by Deeyah Khan, which can be viewed on, and the short film "This land is mine" by Nina Paley:

Want to know more about Movies on War?

Go to the festival's website There you will find programs, film reviews, event reviews, trailers and guests.

You can see a selection of trailers for this year's films in the playlist below:

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