Snow cave trip with Norwegian, Backpacker and Friluftsliv

Two beautiful days in Trysil Knuts Fjellverden are ahead of us. We are, on this trip, Norwegian, Backpacker and Friluftsliv. The winter has been a bit out of the ordinary in the eastern mountains, but we are betting that the snow conditions are so good that we can spend the night in homemade snow caves. We set off on a long line of hiking bags, sledges and mountain skis to the brook valley which is suitable for snow caves. Once there, the snow conditions are checked - depth and height of the snow shovel, as well as the snow profile. The result is good snow conditions, safe transformed snow with little slip layer and good bindings. After a short instruction on digging technique and design of the cave, the various cave layers start the work. Dry and cold weather simplifies the work process. The challenge will be to replenish with enough food and fluids to keep your body temperature up. Some students need to be instructed to take some uphill intervals to maintain body temperature. Finished dug caves are decorated with reindeer skin and sleeping pads. Dinner is made in the storm kitchen and after food you just roll out the sleeping bag, crawl down and calm down. Good and warm atmosphere in the cave with a tired body after excavation work contributes to the sleep occurring fairly immediately.

Daylight testifies to a new day. Breakfast is eaten, equipment is packed, and the caves are filled and destroyed so as not to be a danger to people and animals that travel.

The students have learned this
  • Packing of sack
  • Packing of sledges
  • Waxing skis
  • Proper clothing
  • Assess snow conditions and profile
  • Excavation technique and construction of snow cave
  • Overnight outside in the winter
  • Cooking in a storm kitchen
  • Safety measures for emergency bivouacing