School start 2023/2024

The school year starts on Sunday 27 August, and we look forward to welcoming all new students. Here is information about the start-up.

10.00–14.30: Reception and accommodation

  1. Attend school. The address is Strandbygdveien 143, 2409 Elverum. We meet you in the driveway to the school with the necessary information about the day.
  2. Find a parking space, and go to the space in front of the Main Building. You will be registered and given your room key.
  3. A member of staff will join you and show you to your boarding room. Maybe your roomie has already arrived? The boarding schools are for the students, but those accompanying them can help carry in luggage. There will be simple catering for everyone who comes.
  4. On the way, you will be photographed for student ID and for a student map with an overview of everyone in the school. With this picture you can easily learn the names of the other students. The employee who meets you will show you where the photography is taking place.

15.00: Opening program with presentations, speeches and concert.

The program takes place outdoors.

After the opening: Information meeting in the lines.

The line teachers go through the semester schedule and inform about the school year. Parents and guardians are welcome to attend the meeting. About. 30 minutes. After the meeting, everyone who follows must go home.

17.00: Dinner.

We eat together in the lines and meet to get to know each other. Further into the evening there is a program in the boarding groups.