School start 2021/2022

On Sunday 22 August, the school year 21/22 starts, and we look forward to welcoming 130 excited, new students. Here is information about the start-up.

10.00–14.30: Reception

  1. Find the school. The address is Strandbygdveien 143, 2409 Elverum. We will meet you in the driveway. Unfortunately, only one parent or guardian can accompany the student. This is to reduce the risk of spreading corona virus. The parent can not visit the dorms, and must leave when the student has moved into the room.
  2. All students are quickly tested for Covid-19 upon arrival. The test is performed by healthcare professionals.
  3. Find a parking space and head outside the main building. Feel free to greet those you meet - but remember to keep your distance. We are not one cohort (yet 😊)
  4. You get a room key, and we register whether you need diet food such as gluten-free, vegetarian or have allergies. An employee joins and shows you your dorm room. Maybe your roomie has arrived already?
  5. You will be photographed for a student ID, and for a student map with an overview of everyone at the school. With this picture you can easily learn the names of the other students. The employee who meets you shows where the photography takes place.

15.00: Opening program with presentations, speeches and concert.

16.45: Short meeting in the classes.

17.00: Dinner.

19.00: Get to know your class.

20.30: Coffee and cake in the classes.

IMPORTANT: Covid-19 measures

We take infection control seriously, and have good experience with infection prevention. We work closely with the infection control doctor in Elverum, who has given the following instructions.

  • Wash your hands, use rubbing alcohol, keep your distance and follow national measures. Use a face mask if distance cannot be maintained.
  • Students can come with only one parent.
  • The person who accompanies the student is not allowed to enter the boarding schools, and must return when the student has packed up in the room.
  • Students who have a respiratory infection must stay home until they have been symptom-free for XNUMX hours.
  • Students who are sick with Covid-19 must be at home until they are healthy, and in quarantine until a doctor approves that they can travel to school.
  • All students must stay at the school for the first 14 days.
  • Several measures around Covid-19 and infection prevention will be reviewed together with the students at the start of school. This applies to personal hygiene, food service, cleaning, possible insulation and testing.
  • Read the Government's national measures here.

Together we create a safe start to school. See you on August 22nd!

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