NCF summer course for families 2018

For the 23rd summer in a row, Elverum Folk High School and the Norwegian Celiac Association are arranging a summer camp for families with celiac disease. There are participants from all parts of the country of all ages.

The program is divided into a celiac professional program with a researcher / doctor, nutritional physiologist, peers, discussion groups, bakers and participants with little and long experience with celiac disease. All children can take part in a baking course, muffins, pastries and cakes are baked.

There are lectures on bird life in Elverum by Trond Berg from the "Out in Nature" editorial staff and motivational lectures by Arnt Sæther.

Participants have the opportunity to participate in sports, art, music or dance activities and family Zumba. Music videos are produced, rehearsals for dance performances, a football match between "Celiac disease United" and "Gluten ball and boom", artistic masks, bowls in cement, drawings and much more are produced.

There is singing in the fireplace room and the day starts with words for the day with singing, yes also the course started with the birthday song for everyone who has celiac disease - and those who do not have it are encouraged to wish it for Christmas.

There is an excursion to Bergesjøen with kayaking, grilling of salmon, chops and sausages with gluten-free accessories. We swim, paddle, sunbathe and enjoy freshly brewed campfire coffee.

Saturday night is program night with the winner of last year's Star Match on NRK, Knut Sanders Sørum - fantastic! The program ends with dance elements, photos from the course and Kahoot, as well as the world premiere of the latest music video for «Cøliakikidz».

The nannies, who all have celiac disease, inform and answer questions about what it has been like to live with celiac disease as children and adolescents. The school's history is also communicated.

Perhaps most important are all the conversations and meetings between the participants and between participants and speakers. All food is gluten free! Here, those who do not have celiac disease are special.

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