NCF Family Camp 2022

Welcome to summer sun, lovely gluten-free food and fun activities for young and old in idyllic surroundings at Elverum Folkehøgskule Saturday 18 June to Wednesday 22 June 2022!

Idyllic setting

Elverum Folkehøgskule is approx. 1,4 km from Elverum center, and is surrounded by beautiful green areas, and has, among other things, a football field, skateboard ramp and outdoor volleyball court.

It is a short way to Sagtjernet with a swimming area, and here there are opportunities for both swimming and canoeing. There are good hiking opportunities nearby, and there are several paths and roads that are ideal for running, mountain biking and hiking, so feel free to bring bikes or scooters if you want to get around a bit.

Elverum is barely two hours from Oslo and just over an hour from Lillehammer within driving distance if you choose to travel by car. If you choose public transport, you can travel by bus or train to Elverum from Oslo. If you travel by plane, there is an airport bus directly from Gardermoen to Elverum.

Good start

The days start with a good gluten-free breakfast with freshly baked rolls in the main building. Then there is a joint morning meeting to talk a little about what is going to happen during the day. A little song and music, and maybe a few words for reflection, gives a nice start. Then it goes hand in hand with lectures, activities and excursions! 

Of activities at the family camp we can mention:

  • Many interesting lectures, including by a doctor and nutritionist
  • Various shaping activities for both children and adults
  • Drama, sports and outdoor activities for children. 
  • Exchange of experience in groups for the adults
  • Social gatherings and entertainment with song and music. The stay ends with a party night with dinner and a performance of what the children have done or learned during the stay.

altCool babysitters

Young people from NCFU act as babysitters so that parents can participate in activities when it is planned. And the young people are popular and great role models, who themselves know what it is like to have celiac disease.

Children born in 2012 or earlier can join the Junior Club, which at times will have its own program. One of the items on the Junior Club's program is "blue tour". Young people from NCFU will help both as babysitters and in the Junior Club.


Everyone who has been to Elverum highlights the fantastic food. Trine Davidsen is the food mother at the camp, and provides an abundance of freshly baked rolls, cakes and other goodies. Everything that is served is of course gluten free.


The family camp is fully booked, but from experience there are good opportunities to join if you put yourself on a waiting list. Get in touch with Kristin Stenerud at to put you on a waiting list.