Parents' weekend

Welcome to parents' weekend

From 25 to 27 November, we welcome family and friends to Elverum Folk High School to get a little insight into the students' lives at school.


18.00 – 20.00 FeetSupper.
20.00Student program – Open stage in the Great Hall.
Coffee and cake in the fireplace room and dining room.


07.00 – 08.50 FeetBreakfast.
09.00Words for the day in the Great Hall.
09.15Information about the school's aid projects.
09.45What has happened so far in the school year?
10.30Briefly about the Movies on War film festival
11.00Parents' meeting in the main hall.

Africa Café opens. Sale of porridge, coffee, Christmas cake, coffee, juice, etc. Sale of tickets and Christmas gifts for development assistance projects.
12.00Open school - line presentations in classrooms.
The king's room is open. (Meet the principal at 13.00 p.m.).
15.15Joint arrangement outside. Torchlight procession to the city center and Christmas street opening with Christmas tree lighting and entertainment from students.
17.30Dinner in line with coffee and cakes.
19.00Student program - Weird adventures


09.00 – 11.00 FeetBreakfast.

NB: There may be adjustments to the program.


Students communicate the number of guests to their line teacher. This is important for us to know how many guests will have food. In this connection, we also need to know about any diets or allergies.