A great celebration of April 9th

This year is 75 years since the outbreak of war on 9 April. The Storting chose to add a main celebration of this day to Elverum and Elverum Folk High School.

Minutes of the Storting 1940

We borrowed the original of the Elverum power of attorney for a few hours, and were visited by the Storting's presidency, Storting representatives, mayor of Elverum, the National Heritage Board, the county municipality and others.

Musicians on stage
The sibling couple Bjørg and Kristin Pas entertained on violin and viola with a composition by Johan Halvorsen “Passacaglia”
Fredrik Seeberg at Elverum Folk High School
President of the Storting Olemic Thommesen presents flowers to Fredrik Seeberg who participated in the fighting at Midtskogen 17 years old.
Musicians on stage
Signe Marie Rustad and Annar Bye entertain.
Man on lectern
Stein Kvae from Paradox thanks the river room singers and shows samples from the filming of "The King's No - Three days in April"
Man talking in the dining room
Riksantikvar Jørn Holme talks about future plans and financial support for the restoration of the school's historic premises.
Marking in the dining room
The grandson of the then President of the Storting Carl Joachim Hambro thanks for a great celebration.

A great program at 18.00 was open to the people of Elverum, and our students did enough to make many in the hall get a tear in the corner of their eyes when the great program ended with Nordahl Grieg's "To the Youth".

NRK broadcast live on both Dagsrevyen and Østnytt, and here you can see NRK's ​​full coverage of the day:

Nrk reporter April 9
Dagsrevyen 19:06: Reporter Anne Kari Løberg in the school's main hall.–04-2015#t=5m37s
The Royal Room at Elverum Folk High School
NRK / HO: Elverum mayor Erik Hanstad and ass. Rector of Elverum Folk High School, Åsmund Mjelva in Kongerommet. PHOTO: TORUNN MYHRE / NRK
Ceremony in the King's Room at Elverum Folk High School
NRK / HO: President of the Storting Olemic Thommesen brought with him the Elverum power of attorney, which was placed under a glass display case at Elverum Folkehøgskole. PHOTO: HALVOR MYKLEBY / NRK
Choir performance on April 9 at Elverum Folk High School
NRK Kveldsnytt 09.04.2015 The feature starts after 5 min 30sec–04-2015

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