The Christmas gift that helps

Elverum Folk High School sells Christmas gifts to help poor families related to our aid projects in Kasese. In collaboration with the management at Rwenzori Elverum Educational Center (REEC), we have agreed that the following Christmas gifts are strongly desired:

Gifts 2020Price
1. Packed lunch for family with rice, onions, cabbage, flour, spices and salt - as well as soap bars80
2. Mosquito net against malaria100
3. A hen200
4. An adult goat400
5. A school package with necessary school equipment500
6. A school year (Full package with boarding place, tuition, uniform and food for a student one year)1500

Proceed like this:

Transfer the amount to account 3000.32.34475 or VIPPS 88831. Mark the payment with «Christmas gift 2020 + number of gift»! Send a message to or 97120983, with name and address and we will send the Christmas gift card to you.

We send all the money together with a registered gift list to Kasese - where our school gathers the poor for Christmas and New Year's party… and gift distribution!

Greet us at Elverum Folk High School.

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