What will happen in the spring of 2022 in Africa - Aid / Culture?

This is something the students on the Africa line can look forward to…

Swahili course:

Simple little language course to be a little equipped for conversations in East Africa - with caretaker Tweve as teacher.

PS. Did you know that Swahili is the language that has greatly influenced the name and expression of the Lion King?

  • Rafiki = Friend
  • Simba = Lion
  • Hakuna matata = no problems (this term is often used on Lamu!)
  • Pumba = Slow / stupid

Pedagogy for the rich:

Exercises and value choices with a focus on our own consumption and our values ​​in order to better understand the "poor" cultures.

Documentary / film / discussion:

Movies, themes and issues from Africa and similar areas. But also visits and lectures from various aid organizations.

Collaboration with other lines and other schools:

In the second semester, there will be several projects with other lines, such as a recycling fashion photo shoot and exhibition together with Foto. The starting point is clothes and equipment from the second-hand shop «Namibiahuset». We buy outfits from the second-hand shop and support their work in Namibia and Angola.

We will also experience active outdoor activities and a new gravure project together with Kunst which will be part of a sales exhibition for income for our development aid project in Kasese, Uganda.

In the spring, we visit Romerrike FHS to see a theater performance, and to continue our collaboration to support REEC (our aid project) in Kasese. They are involved and support the project with funds from ticket revenues.

Friend in everyday life and lectures:

Friend in everyday life continues throughout the school year. We light up the everyday lives of the elderly in Elverum with visits and good conversations both for us and them. In addition, we travel around the primary schools to show pictures / films from Uganda and the projects that the kids supported during the aid run "Active for Others" this autumn. Great way to make visible how our money is spent.

African culture and study:

The main trip is to Uganda and Kasese, before we travel on to Kenya and the island of Lamu.

Uganda's diversity with 45 million inhabitants with a dozen tribes and several kingdoms in a republic, as well as a strikingly beautiful nature gives strong impressions. Equally culturally strong is the encounter with the Swahili culture on the car-free island of Lamu in Kenya. With donkeys instead of cars and over 90% of the Muslim population, you will become well acquainted with the Swahili culture.

Read more about the line and the development assistance project

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