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The Great Santa Hunt

NNF (National Santa Removeers) tries to catch Santa Claus himself and all other municipal little elves. That they do not succeed is probably a message that belongs to Christmas.

The music and Africa line has been responsible for "The Great Santa Hunt", and it was delivered to a very high roll of the dice.

Despite a short rehearsal time (only half a week), 13 kindergartens in Elverum had a great experience both outside and inside. Here is the happy ending with delicious Christmas porridge in Peisestua, after the audience has walked a Santa out, got the plans in Peisestua and then the end in Storsalen - where it was a clear YES for Christmas and not the NO that Elverum folk high school is most known for. Four day performances and one in the evening have been played.

Thank you for the brilliant efforts of our students who allow the kindergarten children to receive this pre-Christmas gift. The only problem is that everyone goes and sings on Arild's very addictive Christmas songs 😂

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