Active for others - activity day as assistance!

One school day, 2000 children and 130 folk high school students. On Thursday, the aid race "Active for others" took place at Elverum Folk High School.

Active for others is a development run organized by Elverum Folk High School, together with nine schools in the local area. The idea is that when many people do a little, the result quickly becomes large and fantastic. Geir Prøven, principal responsible for the day and teacher at Afrika - Bistand / Safari at Elverum Folkehøgskole is very pleased with the implementation:

Aid does not have to be boring. It is incredible that we can work together to give school children here a great activity day, and at the same time collect significant sums for good development projects.

In total, there are over 2000 children who provide sponsors among family, friends and acquaintances. The sponsors support the children with a small amount of money per. round they run around the school and in the surrounding area. There are different distances for 1.-4. class, 5th step and up, and a bike round. The various schools choose which development projects they want to support with the money raised. Elverum Folk High School's aid projects in Uganda and Namibia is one of the possibilities.

Waffles smell all over the school, and in the fireplace room, the students at Norwegian - Culture / Adventure and Afrika - Bistand / Safari are busy filling up the café that takes up the entire fireplace room and dining room. In all the windows there are sales, and it goes away with waffles, sausages, buns, fruit and juice.

The day is a brilliant example of what you can achieve with good cooperation. We hope the students will be inspired by this.

Per Egil Andersen, Rector.

In collaboration with ELVIS - Elverum Videregående Skole - many activities are arranged around the school. In addition, the Outdoor Life line offers outdoor life activities and the Art line offers face painting. Elverum handball contributes with handball activities, Elverum football contributes with football activities and the lines Backpacker / Ekstremsport and Snowboard / Freeski have set up trails and run around with the kids in different costumes. The Red Cross provides medical personnel in the event of an accident.

The photo line takes pictures of the children in the photo studio, and they document all day. After the event, each school will be sent a selection of photos from their day with Aktiv for andre.

From the stage, the line Music - Production / Festival and Dance electives entertained with catchy music and rhythms, while the school children joined the movements. This is the first time the lines have used our brand new outdoor scene.

It tickles a little extra in the stomach when you stand on a huge stage, with professional sound and 2000 spectators.

Music teacher Arild

On behalf of Elverum Folk High School: thank you very much for the cooperation, and an active day where we ultimately help others.

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