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Active for others 2021

We arrange assistance races for primary schools in Elverum!

Active for others is an assistance race for school children in Elverum which is arranged annually. The school children get sponsors from family, friends and acquaintances who contribute a small amount per round the children run at the folk high school. The more rounds - the more is collected for assistance.

On Thursday, more than 500 school children took part in the first day of this year's Active for Others. There was a very high level of activity, and the visitors got a good change from the usual school day.

Solid contribution
The schools bought food packages from the folk high school which, in addition to all the rounds that were run, provided a solid contribution to our Development Aid project in Uganda.

The music line contributed with five songs that lifted the mood, while Afrika and Snowboard / Freeski contributed with a warm-up dance to the song "Gummi bear" - of course wearing fun costumes that cheered up the visiting children.

When the starting shot was fired, students from the Handball line ran in front as track guides, helped by the gang in costumes.

During the lunch break, the school children could frolic in almost 20 activities organized by Art, Snowboard / Freeski, Music, Handball, Photography and Africa.

Next week there will be four new schools and then Norwegian and Backpacker will also join! It is fantastic fun and good learning when you see how much you can achieve by being active for others one day.

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