The African line at school and the tourist project

After an hour at school in different classes, there was a little more info about how this year's development aid funds have been used - and should be used. And more importantly: How does this year's litter think that some of the funds should be used at school? Excited about the answer in a couple of weeks.

Then we traveled up to Kilembe and started hiking up to 1800 meters and Mbanga campsite - where Inga Aasen and Sigurd Dager (the litter two years ago) have done a great job with Camilla Nørregaard who is the former student who has traveled back most times. And for the first time, an entire African cohort was at the top and bought lunch from Sigurd's well-trained cooking crew and also paid for local culture - drums and dance, even a small theater in the local language (Now we understand how Norwegian sometimes feels at OFD !) Fantastic nature and exciting and see the settlement pattern in Kasese District.

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