Africa enjoys the Indian Ocean and Lamu city

15. March

After a long night from Kigali with Rwanda Air and a stopover in Entebbe, it was ready for propeller flights to Malindi and Manda Airport. There Swahle, Munibo and Babo were ready to drive us in Farrid's Dhow - while the luggage disappeared in Munibo's fishing boat. Twelve, thirteen young and old men stood ready to carry the suitcases through the village. After a quick stay, it was ready for Samo lunch and the beach. Good to be in place on this beautiful car-free island with Pole Pole and Hakuna Matata as life motto.

16. March

Lamu - this fascinating cultural treasure of a city, was the first stop today. After splitting up on as many boats as possible, we took the trip from Shela to Lamu town. Some went to museums, tested beautiful juices, Swahili shopping, donkey riding and Arabic architecture. Not to mention sounds and smells.

After a tuna lunch and some beach life, everyone went on a Sunset trip with the Dhowes (sailboats) Galaxy and Felice. Two hours of leisurely sailing into the sunset. Think it was a nice day!

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