Life at school

The Africa line meets luxury, slums and culture

Welcome ceremony, Queen Elisabeth National Park, Rena School, international football match and great contrasts.

On Tuesday we were officially welcomed. And it is an experience that, despite a three-hour program, is worth a visit. This year's edition had the usual long report numbers, but the cultural elements with the kids / young people were more and better than ever. A little embarrassed to be thanked so much, but it is important to respect that this is the way they can value the collaboration they have with Elverum Folk High School - with families, students, friends and other relatives. And not least the teams, companies and associations that are involved and support REEC in Elverum and from our students' homes. National anthems are included, and our speech - which they take for granted - was this year turned into energy-intensive dance in 35 degrees. But fun! 

After a day of participating in secondary with, among other things, the introduction of the new sewing room for which we were granted 20 machines this autumn after Aktiv for Andre, we traveled into Queen Elisabeth National Park and a luxury day at Mweya Lodge. With a fantastic boat safari - where the hippos float around the boat, the elephant greets, the crocodiles sunbathe and the water buffaloes enjoy mud baths and let their bodies be used as a landing strip for dozens of bird species. 

The contrast is therefore great when we head out to the border with Congo and the bustling, charming market early the next day. It may seem a little scary but it's just a matter of "bidding". With a smile and an "Obashire" (which means "good morning!"), The hospitality and joy is great when there is a pale train with "msunguer".
Then waited two great hours at Rena School in Bwera and at Kule Phillip (Kule is a common first name in Uganda). A contrast-filled day that also shows that "if you want to understand poverty, you must also understand wealth" 

On Saturday, it was ready for a trip to Mbunga - where so many former students from Elverum Folk High School have contributed a lot. This is a tourist project based on 1700 masl where the first thing we meet is Restaurant Gode Dager-named after Sigurd Dager, former student in our music line, But also houses named after Camilla (former student in Africa) Maria, Wilhelmine (theater). Tent and tent space from Inga (Photo) and of course Fredrik (Photo) who is the one who has hiked the highest - over 4000 masl… it is said! Fruit, lovely lunch, local dance team from the village and a wonderful lush and good view. A tiring trip - but so beautiful! 

On Sunday, it was ready for a national football match between the women from Kasese SC Bronken and the Death team from Afrika-Bistand / Kultur. Extra innings and a crushing away win after a penalty kick. Say no more! 

To celebrate, we were invited to the home of the director of the school, Aganatya Katya, for dinner at his and his family's home. Very nice!